Ep. 50: Reverse Poltergeist

Ep. 50: Reverse Poltergeist

This episode was recorded live at www.Twitch.tv/DrunkDish on May 05, 2021.

Welcome to Episode 50: Reverse Poltergeist! This very special episode was recorded live on Twitch. As such, the dishes interact with the chat quite a bit. The dishes talk the history of Cinco de Mayo and get pretty pickled (especially Melissa).

The featured drink this episode is the Classic Margarita.

Classic Margarita

2 oz. Tequila
1 oz. Cointreau
1.5 oz. Fresh Lime Juice
Optional: ¼-½ oz. (or up to your taste level) Simple Syrup
Optional: Margarita salt for the rim of the glass

  • Run lime wedge around the outer rims of 2 rocks glasses and dip rims in salt. Set aside.
  • In a cocktail shaker, combine tequila, Cointreau, and lime juice (and simple syrup if using). Fill with ice and shake until thoroughly chilled, about 15 seconds (the bottom of a metal shaker should frost over).
  • Fill glass with fresh ice and strain margarita into it.

This episode’s recipe is Mexicali Chicken from Betty Crocker’s Box.

Show Music by Andrew Huang.

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Recipe: Paloma

Recipe: Paloma

The Paloma is the featured cocktail in Episode 36 “Give us those Squirt Pics!” aka “Day of the Dead”. This is one of my all time favorite cocktails. I didn’t realize when I picked it how wild the history would be, but if you want to hear about it you’ll have to listen to the episode! 😉


  • 2 oz. tequila
  • ½ oz. fresh lime juice
  • Grapefruit soda, to top
  • Garnish: lime wheel, salted rim if preferred


  1. Add the tequila and lime juice to a highball glass filled with ice.
  2. Top with grapefruit soda and stir briefly to combine.

Happy Halloween and Día de los Muertos! Enjoy!