How Hot Dogs Are Made

How Hot Dogs Are Made

Ever want to know what really goes into the pink slime? Do terms like “emulsion” and “meat batter” pique your appetite? Have you ever wanted to see a sausage factory ( Get your minds out of the gutter). Well we scoured the internet (searched YouTube) for the best “how hot dogs are made” video and we’re here to share it with you. It’s gross. But you likely already knew that and don’t care. Enjoy those dogs on Fourth of July!

List to Episode 07: Cocktails for Hitler here where we dig into the patriotic (and German) heritage of the Hot Dog.

Completely Bonkers Hot Dog Recipes

Completely Bonkers Hot Dog Recipes

As you plan your 4th of July menus, you may be compelled to keep it simple on the grill with classic burgers and hot dogs. But if you want to spice things up for your Independence Day festivities, check out these bonkers hot dog recipes from the past.

Listen to Episode 07: Cocktails for Hitler here. We dig into the Patriotic & German heritage of the hot dog.

Cold Hot Dog Pie

this recipe looks as disgusting as it sounds! via Cooking Light & Well Done

Stuffed Hot Dogs

Blogger Kitchen Monkey actually tried these, bless her.

Hot Dog Casserole

Epicurious has a vintage 1950s recipe up for a Hot Dog Casserole. Sure, the whole point of a cookout is to…well…cook out. But who cares?

West Virginia Hot Dog Sauce

They say it’s a cross between a chilli and a sauce, but we think it looks a little bit like barf! The Kitchen Wife uncovered this 1920s southern recipe. Enjoy!

Modern Flavors

If none of these vintage recipes tickled your fancy, check out some of these actually delicious sounding hot dog recipes over at Foodal.

Two of your kids' favorite come together at last in this crazy hog dog. Check out these mac and cheese dogs and more wild and crazy hot dog recipes right here on Foodal: