Recipe: Upside-Down Martini

Recipe: Upside-Down Martini

The Upside-Down Martini is featured in Episode 32: Kill your idols (aka Julia Child). It was a favorite of Julia’s, and some say she even invented it. I know one thing, this really turned me on to Dry Vermouth and I’ve been drinking Upside-Down Martinis and Vermouth spritzers ever since. 😉

And for the love of God people, PUT YOUR VERMOUTH IN THE REFRIGERATOR.


5-parts dry vermouth (Julia liked Noilly Prat, but I used Dolan)

1-part gin (I used Plymouth)


lemon twist


In a white wine glass filled with ice (or not, your call) stir together the gin and vermouth. Garnish with a twist of lemon and toast to something fancy.

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