Episode 08: Disgusting Salads, Depressing Times

Episode 08: Disgusting Salads, Depressing Times

In Episode 08: Disgusting Salads, Depressing Times, Melissa tells us how to mix up a delightfully sweet and adorably named prohibition era cocktail, the Bee’s Knees, and manages to spill hers all over her laptop. Kate asks an intriguing food question and no one is surprised by Aimee’s response. And lastly, Aimee tells us all about the horrors that are congealed salads (aka Jell-O Salads, aka Jelly Salads, aka the stuff of nightmares), and how they were born out of necessity during the Great Depression. Listen below, or on your preferred podcasting platform!

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Below are some of the amazing images we came across in our research. Look through the slideshow to enjoy!

Special Thanks

We also wanted to give a special thanks and shout-out to the following who helped make this episode possible!

Lizzie O’Leary who’s tweet served as a catalyst for our research into the gross history of congealed salads.

Tamworth Distilling’s gin made this week’s cocktail recipe possible. The aromatic flavors added something extra special to our Bee’s Knees cocktail (linked above!)

Ben’s Sugar Shack in Temple, NH also added some sweetness to this week’s cocktail. Delicious local ingredients = delicious food and drinks.


Serious Eats
Monticello Blog
Lavender and Lovage
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